David McCarty is an artist & lawyer in Jackson, Mississippi.  Born in Alabama, his Polaroid work has been featured at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in the exhibition Self-Processing—Instant Photography, in New Orleans; at the Redux Contemporary Art Center, for the AINT-BAD Instant Gratification exhibit, in Charleston; in the PhotoNOLA event The Perpetual Instant, juried by Time Zero documentarian Grant Hamilton, in New Orleans; and at Light + Glass Gallery in Jackson, Mississippi.  He is a member of the Due South Co-Op.

In 2015, he co-curated the exhibition Best Before:  Instant Photography by Southern Artists at the Blaylock Photography Gallery in Jackson.  David is also one of the 2017 SlowExposures artists in residence through the exhibition’s annual SlowAIR program.  His Polaroid diptych “Biloxi Hotel” is in the permanent collection of the Ogden Museum.

David uses primarily Polaroid cameras, shooting with a Polaroid SX-70, a Sun600, a modified Model 250 Land Camera, and a Spectra.  He uses Impossible / Polaroid Original and expired Polaroid and Fuji films. 

Email:  davidmccarty @ gmail
Tumblr featuring Polaroids + stories

Selected Exhibitions and Objects

Four Kinds of Y'all by Due South Co-Op, Cotton Exchange Museum, Memphis, Tennessee (2018)

Instant Gratification by AINT-BAD, Atlanta School of Photography, Atlanta, Georgia, and Redux Contemporary Art Center, Charleston, South Carolina (2017-18)

Population 1,181, SlowExposures satellite show, Zebulon, Georgia (with Claudia Smigrod) (2017)

SlowAIR artist in residence, SlowExposures exhibition, Zebulon, Georgia (2017)

The Zebulon Show, juried by Sara Keith, at A Novel Experience, Zebulon, Georgia (2017)

Looking at Appalachia, for the State of Alabama (Jefferson County) (2016)

Politico Pop Up 2 and 3, New Orleans Art Center, New Orleans, Louisiana (2016 & 2018)

America, juried by Roger May, Light Leaked (2016)

Direct Positive, juried by Ashley Kaushinger and Jen Ervin, Light Leaked (2016)

flawed / an instant film exhibition, juried by Michael Kirchoff, A. Smith Gallery, Johnson City, Texas (2016)

Eudora Welty Pop-Up Exhibition, Eudora Welty House and Garden, Jackson, Mississippi (2016)

Southern Glossary, volumes 2 & 4 (2016-17)

Best Before:  Instant Photography by Southern Artists (as co-curator and artist), Blaylock Fine Art Photography, Jackson, Mississippi (2015)

Instamatic, Don’t Take Pictures (2015)

Bloodbird, Scorcher (internal photographs) (2015)

Half Hours on Earth, Light + Glass Studio and Gallery, Jackson, Mississippi (2014)

The Perpetual Instant, juried by Grant Hamilton, Zeitgeist Multi-disciplinary Arts Center, New Orleans, Louisiana (2014)

The Delicate Cycle, self titled (interior photograph) (2014)

Left of the Dial (solo show), Light + Glass Studio and Gallery, Jackson, Mississippi (2010)

Stereo, Light + Glass Studio and Gallery, Jackson, Mississippi (2007)